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Survey Results: Security & the State of the 2020 Presidential Election  |  Learn more

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  • Survey Results: Security & the State of the 2020 Presidential Election  |  Learn more


OneLogin’s Trusted Experience Platform builds secure, scalable, and smart identities for your workforce and customers.

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Tuesday October 6, 2020 | 8am - 5pm PDT

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wingy ios安装包
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OneLogin’s Trusted Experience Platform builds secure, scalable, and smart identities for your workforce and customers.

wingy ios安装包

Trusted By Over


Customers globally

More Than


Application Integrations






of Helpdesk Tickets

Onelogin Trusted Experience Platform


Onelogin Trusted Experience Platform

Securing the Global Remote Workforce


The Next Generation Identity and Access Management

Protect your organization by securing and centralizing your applications, devices, and end-users all-in-one place.

Remote worker security
Workforce Experience

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Secure identity management
Customer Experience

Deliver secure identity management without sacrificing end-user experience.

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Developer Experience

Build for growth and security with an agile, developer friendly approach.

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onelogin ♥ customers

See What Our Customers Have to Say About Us

Customer testimonial
Customer endorsement
wingy ios安装包

wingy ios安装包

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Shams Mansoor
Sr. Manager of IT, Evernote
IT endorsement of Trusted Experience Platform

Secure Access to Applications

“Security is incredibly important to us at Virgin Hyperloop ONE and OneLogin made us very comfortable with securing all of our intellectual property. We use it on all of our applications.”

Dawn Armstrong
VP of IT, Virgin Hyperloop One
IT endorsement of OneLogin security


“The most important feedback I got from my IT Directors about OneLogin was how the simplified access made such a huge difference in the day-to-day of everyone at Galileo Global Education, in all ten countries, worldwide.”

Thomas Dechilly
CTO, Galileo Global Education
CTO endorsement of OneLogin simplified access

Any Device, Anywhere

“If you need to access all your work, data, and applications–no matter what device you are on or where you are located–OneLogin makes it happen seamlessly.”

Gary Graeff
IT Manager, Steelcase
OneLogin IAM

Scalable and Reliable

“Taking into account the global reach and size of our company, OneLogin is able to easily scale up or down to meet our business needs.”

Nate Hauenstein
Enterprise Infrastructure, Chart Industries


I have noticed our employees have easier access to their applications, faster login times and overall employee experience has dramatically improved, increasing employee satisfaction.

CIO, Bic Graphic
VP endorsement of cloud access management
OneLogin demo

See the Trusted Experience Platform in Action

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Next Generation Identity and Access Management: The Trusted Experience Platform

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How to Develop a Business Continuity Plan

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5 Steps to Set Up A Remote Workforce During a Crisis

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Recent Press

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OneLogin Introduces Trusted Experience Platform to Provide Secure, Scalable, and Smart Experiences

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OneLogin Recognized as a November 2019 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Access Management

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Customer Stories

Glennie School and OneLogin SSO Reduce Login Issues

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